Members of The Impossible Orchestra

Gili Schwarzman

Flute/ Piccolo

"It is an opportunity for all of us to come together for those who cannot speak out”.

Emmanuel Pahud 


“Thanks to music, we can touch the spirituality of people. It is a medium that takes us out of everyday life, that takes us out of trauma and bad experiences that we have lived”.

Paquito D’Rivera


“[The reason] why we are doing this project is very important. Many women have been abused in Mexico and around the world. […] I am very proud to be part of this cause."

Stefan Schweigert


"This is a reason for hope that in exceptional times with exceptional measures there are not only limitations, but also the possibility of developing spaces to reflect and return to the essential."

Stefan Dohr


“Of course, art and culture have a mission. Without art and without culture there is no society, there is no politics, there is nothing ... "

Sarah Willis


“Music is a special language. Music inspires. Music gives you hope. Music is a very connecting thing.”

Felix Klieser


"It is a signal that we send, that all human beings are equal, that all human beings should have the same rights, that all human beings should have the same opportunities”.

Pacho Flores


“It is an important moment to empathize with people. And what better way, than through music”.

Arturo Sandoval


“For me it is a real honor and a pleasure to participate in this project. […] Music is my life, but it is also a strong spiritual need”.

Maxim Vengerov


"What music can do is send a message of peace, because music is (like the virus) very contagious”.

Guy Braunstein


"I think most of us feel the same: the need that we should do something about it, say something about it, and use our voices clearly”.

Aleksey Igudesman


“Music-making is about energy. The energy you transmit as a performer, and when you’re playing with other people, is what energy you have together”.

Nemanja Radulović


"Personally, I can't imagine a world without emotions, because only then can we create our own story through music”.

Amihai Grosz


“It’s a little bit like a dream team. In a very humble way, I’m just so happy to be here, and very lucky to do this”.

Rolando Fernández


"We have a message to convey. What better than to do it with music, with the best people of the highest level”.

Jan Vogler


“It is always a journey together with the audience, with those who listen to us. […] Through music, a very special feeling of unity is created”.

Alisa Weilerstein


“I think that anyone who has any sort of public platform, especially in these days, should not only be encouraged, but obligated to use their voices to make life better for those who are underserved”.

Edicson Ruiz

Double bass

“One transmits something invisible to the public the message of infinity. He who listens to it also rises with infinity”.

Cristina Gómez Godoy


“It is very important to demonstrate to everyone what is happening: the things that are not seen. It is impossible to silence music”.

Albrecht Mayer


“We now have a lot of time to reflect about the world around us. As artists, we have a very high responsibility for the welfare of society”.

Jörgen van Rijen


“During the coronavirus, people begin to reflect and ask what is the meaning of things. Music is a beautiful way of expressing positive messages for those who need it the most”.

Joseph Alessi


“The interpreter always emits a message from his instrument. […] That's what music is for: to connect with others ”.

Stefan Schulz


If one with his profession can move something - even if it is only to initiate the discussion or raise awareness about a topic - then I am happy AND THANKFUL to participate

Alexander von Puttkamer


"I find it fascinating that this project allows you to play with famous artists who are very far away and that one perhaps only knows about records”.

Benjamin Forster


“I think that good music and good musicians can change the world in a way that we reach a better side together. I really hope we can influence people positively with nice music”.

Christoph Sietzen


"[...] of course, as an artist one also tries to contribute in the best possible way to support society”.

Rolando Villazón


"I have great admiration for those who are there [in Mexico], for those who are fighting”.

Yuniet Lombida


"Impossible is the name, but nothing is impossible. It is a rule that we know we can break”.

Elisa Carrillo Cabrera


“When you see something that inspires you, that touches your heart, such as music or movement, great feelings arise within you: they can change your spirit. (…) It makes you feel that everything will be fine”.

Alondra de la Parra

Conductor/ Piano

“The whole spirit of this project is connecting with so many people in my country who are suffering, and many others who can generate change”. 


Christopher Wheeldon


"This project is a reflection of the community, of unity, at a time when we are essentially trapped in our home”.

Christian Berger

Video Director

Christian Berger is a journalist and programme editor with the 'Society and Documentaries' Department of Deutsche Welle. He graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a degree as Media Consultant. 

Janine Dauterich 


Sven Jakob-Engelmann 

Director of Photography